Adapted to modern production methods,

the recipe for vodka "ORLOFF" has absorbed all the best,

while carefully preserving the traditions of quality

Vodka "ORLOFF" is a noble spirit, produced in France. A magnificent blend of Eau de Gensac crystal clear spring water and the finest French wheat, ORLOFF Vodka, is distilled six times with natural hints of citrus and vanilla, which contribute to its unique character, which is completely unique.

Ideal for a cocktail, this smooth touch of vodka never interrupts, but complements mixed flavors. In combination with a high-quality mixer or just on ice, Vodka "ORLOFF" gives additional sophistication and prestige to any glamorous occasion.

The unique distillation process has brought vodka a place among the best French luxury goods such as Hennessy and Rémy Martin.

Vodka "ORLOFF" is proof and stands as a gourmet super premium vodka known for its smooth drink. Its recognizable bottle is made of frosted glass and made at the Saverglass factory in Arch, in the department of Pas de Calais. It has a French flag with the inscription "France" above it. Vodka is also available in a variety of flavors with hints of lemon, orange, pear and melon.

Vodka "ORLOFF" is fascinating not only for the unique design of the bottle, but also for its excellent taste. Thanks to the technologies based on the experience of generations and exclusive design, "ORLOFF" vodka is the perfect Drink for people who value true luxury.


With its modern style, its attractive line geometry, it’s perfectly balanced proportions and its timeless elegance, this fine vessel obeys the rules both functional and practical beauty.


ORLOFF is an internationally recognized brand of premium French vodka; one of the best, and a truly elite vodka that has earned the right to use this title because of its quality.


Since its inception, ORLOFF has always strived to be at the forefront of innovative technologies and at the same time to remain faithful to its heritage. Adapted to modern production methods, the recipe for vodka "ORLOFF" has absorbed the best, while carefully preserving the traditions of quality.


ORLOFF is a model of environmentally responsible production using the most modern technologies.



The distillery located in the Cognac region of France, where vodka ORLOFF is produced, was founded in 1850 and is the custodian of centuries -

old production traditions


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